g4tool - CCITT-G4 decoder including PCL backend 

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Motivation and Goal

This project is an (old) inhouse tool for facimile processing. It translates BACON files (a ITU T.4 aka Fax-G4) and raw G4 files to simple PBM or PCL files.

Since the PCL encoder is something useful for - say - scan facsimilising, the tool shall be split to a library and a frontend. So it may be used by scanner frontend like the scantool of the ScanMaker 3600 SANE backend.

Next Terms

For now the old package will be adapted to open source needs like

and so on.

Contact and Information

The project is maintained by Marian Eichholz, see The Bugslayer for other obsessions.

There is a Mailinglist called g4tool-devel@lists.sourceforge.net, where the public discussion takes place. It can be accessed through the project homepage, too.


28.12.2001: Project registration and initial setup.

preliminary webpage - draft